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Axiom Chiropractic has been serving Sioux Falls and the surrounding communities since 2010.  In that time, we have seen so many people have their quality of life improve dramatically because their bodies are once again able to work the way God intended.  Take a look around the website to read and watch some of the stories for yourself!
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10 Years with Migraines

"They were so bad, I often lost 3 days a week to having to sleep or be in the dark with no noise.  I was unable to work, and unable to spend time with my family.  A friend of mine referred me in to see Dr. Wubben; her daughter had gotten relief from her migraines here.  My migraines are now less frequent, and when they do happen, are less severe!  I am hoping that with continued care, I can be migraine free!"  ~Christine W.
24 Years of Migraines Gone!
  • ​I am Migraine Free.
  •  I am pain medication Free.
  • ​I am sleeping at night.
  • ​I no longer worry from day to day how I will manage the pain.
  • ​My fear is gone, and my life is back.
  • ​I am thankful.

    28 Years of Migraines, 1 Year of Complex Migraines

    "I suffered with debilitating migraines for most of my life. With the complex migraines that started a year ago, my comprehension and thought processes were very bad and I had issues with my memory. My symptoms were so bad, I was put on medical leave from work. My headaches are greatly reduced, and I was able to return to work! My comprehension and thought processes have improved a lot. My overall quality of life is so much better!" ~ Lori M.
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