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"Before starting treatment here, I had been suffering from shooting pain, tightness and numbness in both of my feet that felt like pins and needles for 5 years. I am a bus driver and I would get sharp pain in my feet while driving. Due to the constant pain and numbness in my feet, my balance was severely affected. I wasn’t able to work on my house, climb a ladder, walk long distances or even just relax due to the pain.
After 90 days of this Neuropathy treatment I have been able to stop taking Gabapentin completely and my balance has improved by 70%! I can now climb ladders, trim trees, and work on my house. The sharp pain I had in my feet while driving is generally gone!  
Also, the staff here is great! Without their support, this would not be possible.
I am living proof that this treatment works! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about my progress or the program! "
Larry L


"I was experiencing numbness in both of my feet and legs. This was causing balance issues and I was not able stand without holding onto something. This was affecting my ability to enjoy life.  I've been to many Doctors and Specialists who have all told me there was nothing they could do for my symptoms. Then I saw Dr. Wubben’s advertisement and decided to give it a try!   
Since I started my care here, my balance has improved and I am now able to stand for short periods of time without aid. I am also starting to get feeling back in my feet and legs, which has improved my walking.
The staff at Axiom Chiropractic are great! Very friendly and sincere. They make every appointment enjoyable for all of their patients."

Dan J


"I came in here Aug 26th of 2020 with practically no feeling in my feet. I had been falling a lot and actually fell that same day in the waiting room. I visited with the staff as to what to do and they reassured me that they could help me. After the initial visit, I decided to sign up with their program. 
After 90 days, I am walking much better and not falling! I was using a cane to walk and now I am not! I have not fallen once since that day in the office. I am enjoying walking my dog and getting around so much easier. I am feeling so much better about life!
Thank you to Dr. Wubben and staff for being such positive people." 

Dale W.


"I started the program here due to the Neuropathy problems in my hands and feet.  I  wasn't able to feel the carpet  and the hard flooring in my house was painful to walk. I also had issues with with sleeping. I wasn't able to get a good night of sleep for a couple years due the pain and cramping that would last all night long. 
From the beginning, after the 1st day or 2 of this treatment, I was able to sleep through an entire night! After about a week and a half, I could even feel the carpet on my feet again!
This program has been great so far, and my goal is to get off my Lyrica medication completely!"

Paul I. 

*Disclaimer: We do not diagnose or treat the conditions below.  The following testimonies are results that patients have reported since starting their chiropractic care.

Acid Reflux, Air Hunger, Allergies, Arthritis, Autism

Acid Reflux

"I have had acid reflux for as long as I can remember, and I am 71 years old.  I had to watch very closely what I would eat, and try never to eat anything before bed.  I was using medication every day, and was struggling with depression because of how I was feeling.  Now, I feel better, and also seem to have more energy!  Learning to do simple exercises, rest, ice, and the treatments have made me a much better person in life."   - Glenn S.

Air Hunger / Anxiety

"Over the past year I have had migraines, air hunger (not being able to take a full breath) and anxiety. My anxiety was so bad I was on a prescription, but it only helped a little bit. I had migraines every day and it made me not want to do anything. The air hunger was so bad, I had gone to the ER and many other doctors that tried different medications, but nothing worked.  Since coming to Axiom my migraines are gone and my anxiety is better - so much so, that I don't take anything for it anymore. My air hunger is minimal and continues to get better!"   - Allison M.


"I have struggled with seasonal allergies for the past 18 years, and this is the first year they haven't bothered me at all! The only difference is, I started coming to Axiom."   - Grace B.


"I had neck pain for almost a year before coming to Axiom Chiropractic. At its worst I couldn't move my neck without having shooting pain, and couldn't walk without pain. A coworker referred me to Dr. Wubben. Now I can move my neck naturally again, and tell everyone about how coming here has improved my quality of life."   - Ludene M.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

"Lyle was diagnosed at 16 months with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Before he started here, Lyle at his worst, was in a sense, unmanageable. He couldn't speak or really make noises to express himself. Strangers made him anxious and he frequently threw fits. He had sensory issues to loud noises, textures of foods, and absolutely HATED to be touched. Lyle is now in preschool, and almost speaking fluent sentences since starting his therapies, including chiropractic care. He doesn't have issues meeting new people (after his 2nd visit he ran in and gave Dr. Wubben and Miss Peggy hugs). He can tolerate most loud noises, and his sensory to touch has grown exponentially! He is one happy little boy, and I'm one happy Mama!"   - Elizabeth E. (Lyle's Mom)

Baby Sleeping / Nursing

"My baby would wake up about every hour and would only nurse on one side.  She now nurses well on both sides and sleeps through the night.  She is so much happier."   - Katie I.

Trouble Feeling When I Had to Go to the Bathroom

"I had more than one accident a day.  I had lots of leaking, and it was hard to hold it in, especially in the car.  I was having accidents at night.  Now I am holding it in without it hurting at all.  I have no accidents at night, and barely having accidents during the day.  It feels great!"   - Trinity T. (11 yrs)

Better Bowel Movements

"When I was young, I had problems with bowel movements - I would maybe only go once a week. Later in life, I have been better, but still not regular. Since coming to Axiom, things changed. My first adjustment, I went poop six times the next day!  About six weeks later, I had a spot on my back that hurt when I did stretching.  I let Dr. Wubben know, and he adjusted me differently.  Wow!  The next day I went poop six times again!  My back feels better too."   - Linda E.

Bulging Disc - No Surgery Needed!

"I have had pain in my back, running down my legs from a bulging disc for 2-4 years.  I have also struggled with an overall lack of energy.  I was told by a doctor that I needed to have surgery to correct my disc issue, but I didn't want to. A friend referred me in to see Dr. Wubben.  I now have more energy and am loving life again!  I am able to play with my grandkids and travel in the car without pain, and am able to breathe deeply again!  I never ended up having surgery, and I am so glad!  My future looks bright, with more energy, less pain, and the ability to do things I had quit doing because of the pain.  My mood has improved and I am smiling more due to less pain."   - Wanda B.
Car Accidents, Cervical Reversal, Constipation, Crooked Stance

Multiple Auto Accidents

"I have been in 9 car accidents in my lifetime. The worst one resulted in whiplash, a dislocated right shoulder, and pain throughout my body. I had been to various chiropractors through the years, and the helped some, but the pain was still there. When I moved to Sioux Falls, my cousin told me about Dr. Wubben. At that time, I rated my pain as a 15 on a scale from 1-10, and I could barely move my neck or anything else without pain. I can honestly say the short time I've been at Axiom, my pain is probably now at a 4. I can look behind me when I'm driving, my breathing is better, and I haven't had as many sinus issues or allergy problems as before. Axiom Chiropractic has changed my life and given me hope again that I don't need to live in pain."   - Jennifer B.

Severe Cervical Reversal

"My neck was always sore and very stiff.  I didn't have very good range of motion, and was a mess.  I lived with this for years thinking nothing was wrong.  Even after I saw a different chiropractor, Dr. Wubben was the one that found the problem.  He gave me a special pillow to use that has been helping to restore the normal curvature of my neck.  My neck is not as sore and stiff, and not nearly as often either.  I can turn my head a lot easier, and have definitely noticed continued positive improvement."   - Matthew S.


"For almost two years I was afraid to go to the restroom because of the pain that it caused.  I now no longer have any constipation problems and my lower back doesn't hurt either.  Due to my treatments, the heartburn that I dealt with is also gone."   - Nichole M.

Crooked Stance

"I had a crooked stance - one hip was lower than the other, making me look crooked.  Now I am back to a straighter stance.  I was referred to come in by my wife, Velda.  She thought I should get myself straightened out.  I feel better in general, not just in my back, which is great for an 'old guy'.  I hope to continue to play tennis, golf, and do other active things, even as I age.  Coming in for regular spine checks allows me to do that."   - Gary G.
Depression, Digestive Issues, Diabetes

Depression and Anxiety

"I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder in July of 2016.  I had two beautiful children, a lovely home, and a wonderful wife...I couldn't figure out why I was so sad!  An attack could last days, even weeks, before I felt 'normal' again.  I tried medication, but that only made it worse, so I turned to meditation instead.  I was able to contain my attacks and shorten the length of time I was affected, but I needed to be alone for hours at a time, away from my family.
   Luckily, I started to get excruciating back pain that kept me up at night and kept me from work for three days...I say luckily, because that is what made me finally come see Dr. Wubben.  My back pain was better within the first few treatments, and I also noticed I had more energy and was sleeping better.
   Now, after only 4 months of treatment, I am happy to report I have not had a single panic attack or depressive episode since beginning my treatment!
   Even if you think you're in perfect health, I urge your to get a screening done and see how Axiom can make your life even better!"   - Bobby C.

Digestion and Sleep Issues

"I honestly was unaware I had these issues until I came in and they started improving...Looking back, I just thought that my digestion was related to what I ate, so I avoided certain things.  My sleep has been an issue for awhile now, but I thought it was due to my diet as well.  Now that I have been visiting Axiom, I have noticed vast improvements in what I can eat, and I'm loving it!!  As for my sleep, I now wake up feeling more rested, and ready to take on the day!  Thank you all so much for helping me take the first steps to a better life!"   - Joe B.


"I was diagnosed with diabetes three months ago.  I was taking 5 shots of insulin a day.  After a few adjustments by Dr. Wubben, I am now down to just 1 shot a day!  I love not having to stick myself with needles!  Thank you Dr. Wubben!"   - Lynne B.

Increased Energy

"I had a surgery to fuse two vertebrae together in my neck in 2010.  I have also had trouble with my lower back for 40 years.  At my worst, I was unable to get out of bed.  I heard Dr. Wubben speak at my office, and thought 'this makes total sense', and decided to get checked.  Now, I am not so constipated, I have less neck pain, and more energy!  Everybody needs this!  I feel like I have a future, I will be able to have enough energy to get out of bed on the weekend to go to church again."   - Tamara G.


"I am blind in my right eye, but my left eye vision was still at 20/20.  Within the last 4 months, a fog had developed in my left eye, creating difficulties for me.  The Opthamologist and my family physician were unable to determine the cause of the fog-like symptoms.  It was beginning to create problems with driving and some household tasks.  My sister-in-law suggested we come see Dr. Wubben.  After 3 weeks, the fog has lifted by 90%!  I have so much more confidence in being able to safely operate a vehicle.  I am optimistic that the vision issue has been resolved.  I would strongly recommend Axiom Chiropractic's staff to anyone who may have health issues for which they have exhausted other avenues for corrective action and found no answers."   - Sharon M.


"I have had neck and low back pain for over 10 years.  I was referred to Axiom by a friend/client of mine.  Now I have more energy.  I take less Advil, and I can tolerate more exercise than before.  My bones are stronger, due to the ability to increase my exercise as well.  I am able to ride in the car for 6 hours (with breaks every two...) without issues in my neck and back.  My energy level has been better."   - Mary H.

Elbow / Shoulder Pain

"I have suffered with elbow and shoulder pain for the past 2 years, since I was 10 years old.  I had trouble when I was pitching for baseball.  I am looking forward to being able to pitch again."   - Branzon U.

Extreme Fatigue

"I started having headaches that were progressively getting worse. By the time I was done with work, I had no energy or ambition to do anything other than lay on the couch. After one month of treatment, the headaches decreased significantly. In my second month, I only had one headache! My energy has improved, and I feel back to myself. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards Dr. Wubben and his staff.  Thank you, Dr. Wubben, for finding the issue and solving my problem."   - Laurel S.

Fevers, Stomach Issues, Headaches

"I would often get fevers and have trouble with my stomach aching and nausea for many years. I would also have sinus problems every 4-6 months. My parents took me everywhere to see doctors, and they never had the answer. They decided to take me to Axiom to see Dr. Wubben - they knew him from church. Now my headaches, stomach issues, and fevers happen rarely. I know I need to keep coming regularly (every 2 weeks) because when I miss an appointment, I start to feel sick again."   - Olive M. (11 years old)

Food Sensitivity

"Mid-April of 2017 I started experiencing nausea, vomiting, and severe mid-back pain when I ate certain foods. I've had blood tests, ultrasounds, and an upper GI Endoscopy done. No underlying issue could be found. My daycare provider highly recommended Dr. Wubben. Since seeing him for about 6 weeks, I'm now able to eat the food that was causing my stomach to be upset and the pain in my back. I had no idea how beneficial chiropractic care could be to your health until now. It's not just for pain management, it's for helping to get the body functioning as a whole. I feel stronger every day! Not only have my stomach issues improved, my sinus and allergy issue has gone away too!"   - Jerrica G.

Sharp Calf and Foot Pain

"I had this condition for 6 months. I used to enjoy running and had to completely stop because it hurt so incredibly badly. I was even limping sometimes while walking.
   Now, I'm back to my normal healthy self! I'm walking and running with no pain at all!  Thank you Dr. Wubben, Judy, Peggy, Whitney, and Kody!"   - Paige S.
Gastroparesis, Gym Performance
Gastroparesis, Gym Performance

Gastroparesis / Constipation

"For almost a year, I had been unable to eat anything. I would vomit hours after I ate anything. I would go 2-3 weeks without having a bowel movement. Because of this, I showed drastic weight loss, had a lack of energy, and my overall quality of life was decreased.
   I'm a little over 3 months into my care here at Axiom, and now I can eat food without getting sick! My bowel movements have been more regular, and my energy has increased.  I am starting to love life again!"   - Morgan F.

Grip Strength

"I could barely hold onto the dumbbells at the gym. I would get winded a lot faster during my workouts. When I ran, my lower back and knees would hurt, and I'd have to stop frequently.
   Now I can do everything better. My grip has come back and I can breathe easier. My knees and lower back have stopped hurting when I run, and my neck pain has almost completely gone away. My gym performance has skyrocketed!"   
- Austin W.
Hands, Headaches, Hearing, Heartburn, Hips, Hypersensitivity
Hands, Headaches, Hearing, Heartburn, Hips, Hypersensitivity

A Bum Pinkie...And Back/Neck Pain

"I've had this condition for 8 years. At its worst, I would have regular headaches throughout the week and some days I had trouble getting off the couch. The worst part was I could only play my guitar for an hour or so before my hand would just ache. I couldn't bend my finger without it cracking.
   Now, I can drink tea like a pro.  I have no more headaches. My back pain has reduced substantially, and most importantly I can do the thing I love to do, play my guitar without any issues."   - Preston V.


"I've been a patient at Axiom for over 3 years, and was a former employee here.  I didn't even notice my hearing was becoming muted/going out in between my adjustments until one of them a few months ago.  Immediately after the adjustment, I noticed the hearing in my left ear was immensely clearer!  Each time I get an adjustment, I notice a big difference! Since I started coming here, I can run better, hear much clearer, and don't have as many digestive issues as before.  Now, I look forward to every day and living the best life I can!"   - Paige F.

25 Years of Headaches

"After 25 years of daily headaches, resulting from a car accident when I was 20 years old, Dr. Wubben from Axiom Chiropractic has cured my headaches!!
It is a miracle for me to wake up with no headache.  Thank you, Dr. Wubben!"            - Marilyn K.

25 Years of Headaches

"After 25 years of daily headaches, resulting from a car accident when I was 20 years old, Dr. Wubben from Axiom Chiropractic has cured my headaches!!
   It is a miracle for me to wake up with no headache.  Thank you, Dr. Wubben!"  - Marilyn K.

Hypersensitivity / Hyper-irritability

"After a 6 day hospitalization, medications prevented further seizures, migraines, and panic attacks.  I was really struggling with my hypersensitivity and hyper-irritability.  The only good thing about it was that food tasted so good.  Every sound was louder and irritated me.  Every light was brighter than I could handle.  I needed more personal space, even with my family and friends.  My mouth was so dry.  When I began to stutter, I new I had to relax by myself in a dark room.
   It was taking a toll, especially with our marriage.  My husband has been a patient of Dr. Wubben's for over a year and talked with him about my condition.  I was skeptical, but willing to give it a try.  Dr. Wubben didn't make grandiose promises, and he and I were willing to give it a try.  After 10 visits I had improved by 100%!  The hypersensitivity and hyper-irritability were gone!  I felt like myself again!  Thank God for Axiom Chiropractic!"   - Barbara L.

Hip Pain...I Couldn't Walk

"I've had hip pain for my entire life.  At its worst, I could not walk.  I would take dozens of ibuprofen, go to sleep, and hope for relief.  I've known Dr. Wubben for years, and was going to head out for a vacation.  I decided to see if he could help me get some relief before I left.
   Since getting care here, everything is 100% better!  My chronic pain is gone, I feel more well-rested when I wake up, and am able to be more active without pain.  I spend my free time now getting involved in more activities to enrich my life and the lives of my family members."   - Jordan G.


"I went to Dr. Wubben's office expecting help with my low back and neck pain.  My back and neck pain are now gone.  What I didn't expect was help with my indigestion.  I had heartburn for almost 2 years, and now have not had any since I started with my treatment plan.  I appreciate the staff at Axiom Chiropractic.  The care provided works!"   - Sara K.


"I've had trouble sleeping / getting comfortable at night for quite a while.  I've also struggled with lower back pain and neck pain.  I decided to try and come to Axiom because they opened right around the corner from where I work, and it was very convenient.
   Now my pain is much less.  I am sleeping better, so it's easier to be active with my family.  I look forward to being able to go camping with my family, and sleeping in a tent with no issues."   - Laurie F.

Irritable Bowel, Migraines, Shoulder

"My main issue that brought me in was migraines, which I have had for about 15 years.  I have also had a stabbing pain between my shoulder blades on and off for a couple years.  Dr. Wubben came and did a health talk at my business, and I decided to take a chance with him (I've seen other chiropractors in the past).
   Initially, my migraines and shoulder pain started to get better, to being non-existent.  I also found that my bowel issues that I've had for 1.5 years could be fixed, and I have to run to the bathroom much less frequently.  Now I can go out and enjoy life without worrying where the bathroom is.  Since I don't have to worry about the bathroom anymore, I am more able to go out with friends, and do more fun activities with my children and husband.  I now have hope - it's worth a try; you can't fix something if you are not willing to try!"   - Amanda K.

I.T. Band Issues

"My back and I.T. Band issues had been going on for 5 years.  At its worst I couldn't stand up straight, and my knee gave out a lot.  I couldn't run, either.  I did some research and read reviews online, and decided to give Axiom a try.
   Now, I can run as long and far as I want to .  I have less headaches, and seldom have knee pain.  My future looks much brighter, and I tell others that could use help from Axiom how much it has helped me."   - Jen B.
Jaw, Knees, Legs, Low Back

TMJ / Headaches

"I've dealt with Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) that came with painful headaches for a very long time.  I also had anxiety, trouble breathing, back aches, and even constipation apart from my TMJ.  I was willing to try anything to relieve the pain from my jaw - I spent well over $3,000 for a mouth piece.
   Dr. Wubben came and spoke to a group at work.  I decided to give it a try, and have had lots of things improve.  I am much happier to have less pain.  I even stopped wearing my mouth piece since coming to Axiom."   - Megan P.


"For the last 10 years knee pain problems and surgery became part of my daily life.  I couldn't run, stand, or even squat without pain or swelling in my knee.  I heard about Axiom through friends at the Ransom Church.
   Since I started care, my knee pain is GONE!  I am able to run, stand, and squat without any swelling!  Additionally, my focus has improved, and my energy has increased.  I was limited for the last 10 years and what I could and couldn't do - it was focused on how my knee was doing.  I can finally focus on what I CAN do, instead of what I cannot."   - Alex D.

Legs, Hips, Ankles

"For at least 6 years, I didn't want to get up out of my chair.  It was too painful.  Stairs were treacherous!  I had a cane and crutches by my chair to help me walk.  I was getting ready to purchase a power chair, so I could go somewhere.
   I now can walk...that's just wonderful to say.  I no longer use my cane or crutches!!  I can look over my shoulders!! My ankles rotate!!  It's just nice to know that I don't have to give up doing some of the things I enjoy doing!"   - Peg R.

Low Back Pain

"I had never used chiropractic services in the past, so I was hesitant at first to visit one.  I approached Dr. Wubben's clinic for lower back pain from the strain of lifting my ever-growing one-year-old.  I got to the point where I could not even sit in a chair without severe pain.  Dr. Wubben's office has a calm and comfortable atmosphere.  He explains things so that I was able to understand the problem, the solution, and the preventative measures for the future.  My family and I always leave knowing we are in good hands."   - Aaron J.

28 Years of Migraines, Memory

"I suffered from debilitating migraine headaches that I had most of my life. With the complex migraines that started just over a year ago, I had issues with my comprehension and thought processes as well as with my memory.  I also had tingling and numbness on the left side of my body.  The symptoms were so bad, I was put on medical leave from work. 
   My headaches have now greatly reduced.  I was able to return to work!  My comprehension and thought process has improved a lot.  The tingling and numbness is hardly noticeable.  My overall quality of life is so much better!"   
   - Lori M.

24 Years of Migraines, GONE!

"After 24 years of migraines I can only summarize by stating that they had control of every aspect of my life.  In a very short time, Dr. Wubben has been able to do what no other physician could do for me.
     - I am migraine free
     - I am pain medication free
     - I am sleeping at night
     - I no longer worry from day to day how I will manage the pain.
     - My fear is gone, and my life is back.
     - I am thankful.
P.S. Thanks, Hannah, for sharing your story!  You are my inspiration!"   - Dawn F.

Motion Sickness

"I was unable to travel in a car for more than 15 minutes without throwing up.  My mom brought me in to see Dr. Wubben.  
   After that, I was able to ride in the car all the way to Minneapolis, and only got sick once! My mom, dad, and I thank Dr. Wubben for helping me."   - Ava K. (8 yrs old)

Muscular Dystrophy

"I was diagnosed with adult onset muscular dystrophy at age 21.  Since then, my muscles weakened and the stress on my body, while not debilitating, kept me from feeling positive about the future.  Dr. Wubben came to a work meeting and talked about how chiropractic could help with different medical conditions.
   Keeping up with my adjustments has lowered my pain and made getting around easier.  I know that because of the muscular dystrophy, getting older means more weakness, but I'm hopeful that I will be able to be active for years to come if I keep my spine in line."   - Melissa C.

Numb Hands/Feet, Chronic LB Pain

"I have lived with these symptoms for so long I thought it was normal.  During flare ups I couldn't grip things.  It made it hard to walk.  When I sat down, it hurt worse.  I never got relief.  The doctors were prescribing me a lot of pain medication and telling me if it didn't get better I was looking at a surgery.
   I now have most of the feeling back in my feet, and my hands function way better after just 3 visits to Dr. Wubben!"   - Venita W.

It Came Out of Nowhere!

"I had pain in my neck and shoulder.  It just appeared out of nowhere.  I could barely move.  It was almost impossible to even get out of bed, stand up, or walk.
   Within just two days of emergency appointments with Dr. Wubben I felt almost back to normal.  I went through my whole care plan and felt like I had many other things improving that I would have never guessed would be related to chiropractic care."   - Jeremy H.

Neck Pain and Arm Numbness

"For the past two years, I have been experiencing pain in my neck.  I also had numbness in my left arm.
At this time, most of the numbness has gone away!" - Cory W

Nutritional Toxicity, Migraines, Fibromyalgia

"I was stuck in bed with chronic pain and fatigue.  I was missing two days of work each week.  I was depressed, because I was missing out on playing with my children and spending time with my husband.
   In addition to chiropractic care, Dr. Wubben has been working with me and my nutritional needs.  I have no more headaches!  I have more energy, less pain, and I have lost weight!"   - Melisa K.
Plantar Fascitis, Post-Surgical, Pregnancy, Professional Wrestling

Plantar Fascitis

"I have plantar fascitis, which has been reduced from a 10 on the pain scale to a 0-3.  My back is no longer tight, and driving 3 hours is no longer uncomfortable.  My wife reports that I am no longer snoring; she even thought I was dead because she couldn't hear me in the night!
   There is only one thing you will lose by coming to Axiom, and that is your Dis-Ease.  I am glad I did."   - Earl W.

Post-Surgical Care

"I had surgery on my back in January of 2017, followed by physical therapy, 3 cortisone shots in my back, and one in my right hip for bursitis.  Nothing was helping!  Dr. Wubben came and spoke at a large group for a women's event, and I decided to sign up for an appointment.  I was ready to try anything!
   My back pain is now less - it's much easier to get into the car.  I am also beginning to have more energy.  With less pain, I can take care of my every day needs better."   - Sue L.

60-Foot Climbing Accident

"I was what you call a skeptic of chiropractic.  In 2006 I had a climbing accident and fell 60 feet, breaking my pelvis in half, front and back.  My doctors had told me that I just had to get used to being in pain for the rest of my life.  I was skeptical that medical doctors couldn't help me, but a chiropractor could.
   I can honestly say that Dr. Wubben's care has transformed my life.  My pelvic pain is hardly present, and I have feeling in my foot now that I haven't had for 4 years.  If chiropractic can work for me, it can work for you!"   - Phill T.

Pregnancy / Labor

"My lower back started to really bother me when I was about 4 months pregnant.  I was unable to stand up straight after being bent over.
   After a few adjustments, I had no back pain.  My labor was awesome...I only pushed for 17 minutes."   - Ashlee S.

Professional Wrestling

"I've had back problems since I was in middle school.  Standing up straight was painful, so I stood hunched over.  One night, I sneezed and couldn't move from my neck down.  My friends came here, and recommended I give it a try.
   Since I started care, I am happier.  Standing up tall feels right, and being hunched over hurts.   I am stronger than before.  If I hadn't started coming here, I wouldn't be able to live my dream of being a pro wrestler.
   I feel since I started coming here, my body has improved so much.  I started training to be a professional wrestler, and Friday, August 3rd, I made my in-ring debut for Midwest All Pro Wrestling.  On September 7, 2019, my tag partner and I won the Harrisburgers Tag Team Championships.  If it wasn't for Dr. Wubben, I wouldn't be able to do this.  Axiom Chiropractic is top notch!"   - Jack K.
Quality of Life, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Range of Motion

A New You

"For about 4-5 years, I've dealt with lower and mid-back pain.  It progressively got worse throughout the years.  At its worst, it was unbearable - I wasn't able to move.  I couldn't even get out of bed.  It felt like someone was stabbing my back over and over.  Any movement I made, made it worse, and I'm only 22 years old!  I was working one day and Dr. Wubben came for a presentation.  At that moment, I knew I needed to make a choice.
   Since the day I decided to make my first appointment to this current day, a lot has changed.  My lower back pain is gone, my mid-back pain is gone.  I sleep better, and I feel refreshed to wake up without pain.  Because of the amazing work and help of Dr. Wubben and his team, my future will be looking brighter.
   In a matter of two months, Axiom Chiropractic has given me a new and healthier spine.  All it takes is a choice and some dedication, and with the help of God, Dr. Wubben, and his team, you'll be on the road to recovery.  Get ready for a new you!"   - Joshua R.

Rheumatoid Arthritis & Plantar Fascitis

"I have battled with plantar fasciitis for years, and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis years ago as well.  I work on my feet all day, so it's very debilitating to have severe foot pain.  My husband started coming here after Dr. Wubben did a talk at his work.  I came along to the Patient Orientation Class with him, and decided to get checked too.
   My plantar fasciitis is pretty much gone now.  I have a marked improvement in my hip and knee pain.  I am looking forward to days with less pain and more energy to do what I want.  My functionality has already improved tremendously!"   -  Melanie F.

I Couldn't Turn My Head

"I've had this condition for 30+ years!  At its worst, my neck was very stiff.  To see right or left required me to turn my whole body.  I depended on my mirrors in my car while driving because turning to see behind me was painful and sometimes impossible.
   Now, I have greatly improved neck movement.  I am able to look to my left and right without pain.  For the first time in YEARS, I find myself looking over my shoulder.  The funny part is, I came in for lower back and knee pain, which are also better!"   - Ron G.

Stiff Neck

"My neck has been the most amazing result of chiropractic care.  I have such great range of motion - I'm almost like an owl!!  Ha!!"   - Peg R.

"Hot Spot" In My Shoulder

"I had what I called a 'hot spot' on my left shoulder blade.  There was just a lot of pain and tingling right in that area.  At its worst, I would come home after work to rest - I had to take 1 or 2 ibuprofen and take a nap.  A friend referred me in to Dr. Wubben after he helped her daughter with migraines.
   Now, I have almost no aches in my back, and the 'hot spot' is completely gone!  I hope to see continued improvements, as well as maintaining or improving flexibility."   - Kathleen M.

Sleep Apnea, Intense Acid Reflux/Heartburn, and IBS-D

"I had been frustrated being bounced from one specialist to another with no answers!  I didn't experience pain, but had acid reflux and heartburn so badly I went to the hospital fearing I was having a heart attack.  I was told to increase my medications, but experienced no relief, and began having sleep apnea.  I also struggled with IBS-D.  I thought it was because I was getting older.  Dr. Wubben came to an educational workshop at my workplace.  I read the 'symptoms' page of chiropractic cases, and decided right then I needed to come in.
   Now I only have occasional acid reflux within the past 2 years!  I am down to taking only one acid reflux pill in the morning.  NO SLEEP APNEA in 2 years!!  I have energy and the ability to work on my feet all day.  Better yet, my work days are so much more positive!
   I could tell those who are looking into chiropractic care to stay with your care plan!  Don't give up - there are days of hills and valleys, but they become better and better.  You will improve your quality of life."   - Lori S.

I Was Skeptical...

"When I came to Axiom Chiropractic, I had been in pain nearly every day for over 3 months, and had low back pain for 7-8 years.  The pain was debilitating and finishing out the day at work was miserable.  I was completely hopeless and I was very skeptical.  I had always thought that chiropractic care was kind of a joke, based on past experiences, but I was desperate, so I went.
   Being a health care professional, I knew that my treatment options were limited.  I knew what I would be offered if I saw an MD, and I wasn't willing to consider taking narcotics or going through lower back surgery and have a 50% chance of any improvement along with a hefty medical bill to face.  I thought for sure I was just going to have to live with the pain for the rest of my life.
   After the FIRST adjustment, I had a significant amount of relief and that gave me some hope.  I continually had improvement in my symptoms with additional visits, but I still wasn't sure and didn't think it would last.  At one point I considered not going back because of my skepticism along with the cost and effort it was taking me, but I decided I had made the commitment to the full course of treatment and I needed to follow through.
   Today I can honestly say that I have been nearly pain free for months and have seen improvement in other symptoms I've had for years and had thought were permanent.  I am no longer a skeptic, but a true believer in chiropractic care! Dr. Wubben and staff, you are life savers!"   - Laura S.

Swollen Leg

"I had chronic swelling in my left leg and ankle since I was a teenager.  At times it would get so swollen I couldn't walk on it, and it would give me intense pain all the way up my leg.  Dr. Wubben made a visit to our office and everyone recommended him , just for the sake of health.
   Now that I've been getting my spine checked, my ankle and leg almost never swell, and virtually never cause me pain.  I sleep better, I have more energy and motivation, and I just feel healthier in ways I never thought possible.
   I have hope that I don't have to be afraid to take on more at work and still have energy left to spend time with my family.  I don't have to think twice before physical activity, and can live a much fuller life moving forward."   - Mara W.

Difficulty Swallowing

"I had difficulty swallowing, to the point where I thought I would choke on a tablespoon of water.  After working with Dr. Wubben, I can now enjoy steaks and other delicious foods again."   - Gayle H.
Tonsils, Torticollis, Tummy Trouble


"My tonsils had been swollen for 2-3 weeks.  I couldn't eat, talk, or drink.  It was a severe pain which made my day harder to go through.  I went to the doctor, and I was prescribed some pain killers.  They worked for a couple hours, but I was still in pain.  Axiom came to my mom's work and did a talk.  She asked questions about how to heal swollen tonsils, and we were advised to come in for a check up.
   After the first day of coming in, my tonsils started to heal, and they weren't big and swollen.  I could swallow without pain, and talking wasn't hard anymore.  Although I went for my tonsils, I also found out I had scoliosis.  After going in for check ups almost daily, I could see change in my shoulder appearance.  Within months of going, my spine was straight and my back didn't hurt as often anymore.
   Go to the chiropractor, even if you don't think anything is wrong.  Everyone should go, because it doesn't hurt to get healthier.  And just like me, you might find out some condition you never knew you had."   - Victoria R. (18 yrs old)

Tummy Troubles, Brain Fog

"Since 2002, I've had digestive issues and pain in my tummy.  I also had blood clots in my leg, and hip pain down to the knee.  The main issue was the tummy stuff and brain fog.  I would get unexplained fevers and depression.  I only weighed 89 pounds.  My daughter-in-law referred me in at a time I was feeling very bad.  I honestly don't remember much about it.
   Now I have less pain, and all of my symptoms have improved.  I'm happy again!  Praise God to give the gift of 'Dr. WooWoo' as my grandson says.  My future looks like lots of smiles and happiness!  Thank you, Axiom, for your compassion!  Love, and praise, and Glory to God!"   - Dedra D. 


"At my daughter Adalynn's 2 week check up I brought up a concern to my physician that she was constantly looking over the right side and that her head always appeared to be stuck on that side.  The physician suggested that I go to the chiropractor to help her.
   That day I took Adalynn to see Dr. Wubben.  He was so gentle and so easy with her.  As a parent I was initially scared to take my child to a chiropractor, but we just had the best of luck!
   After two sessions we already started noticing increased neck motion.  After six sessions she had her complete range of motion back.  I just want to thank Dr. Wubben for his gentle care with our baby Adalynn."   - Amanda F.

Tennis Elbow

"My right elbow had been bothering me for quite some time.  It got so bad that I couldn't even hold a jug of milk.  I am now able to play softball without any difficulty."   - Scott F.

Visual Floaters

"I originally came in for pain in my shoulder, back, and ankle, after being referred here by some friends.  After my 3rd or 4th appointment I noticed I do not have any floaters in my eyes anymore!  I also had a tear in one eye that is now gone!  During the consultation, Dr. Wubben asked if I had any floaters, and I told him yes, but didn't ask why.  I was surprised because that's not what I was here for.
   When I realized I didn't have them anymore, I couldn't wait to tell Dr. Wubben.  I go back to my eye doctor soon, so I am hoping he doesn't see anything either, wonders what happened to them, and asks me about it!"   - Linda E.

Vocal Range

"I am a worship leader at church, and struggled with shallow breathing, headaches, and a loss of my vocal range.  This made leading worship on Sundays more difficult.  Dr. Wubben came into the office at Ransom Church to talk with us about health for a staff meeting, and I decided to try chiropractic for myself.
   My headaches have ceased, my breathing is back to normal, and my vocal range has actually increased!  Seasonal allergies I had struggled with in the past are almost non-existent, and I haven't had a sinus infection since coming to Axiom - I used to get at least 3 a year.  I feel more confident in my job and can better serve now that my voice and breathing is working well!"   - Alexa D.
Walking, Weakness, Wellness, Working Out

I Couldn't Walk Without A Cane or Crutches

"I couldn't walk, or feel my legs - they were numb.  I had lost total strength and balance.  I used to walk with my right hip down, and with no strength.
   I can now walk better, and I feel stronger.  I can do a lot of exercises that I couldn't do before.  I feel my hip is stronger.  I can life my feet more when I walk.  I still use my cane, but I feel a lot better!"   - Manuel O.

Weakness in Arms

"I have been suffering with my symptoms for the past several months.  I wasn't sleeping much, and when I was able to, it wasn't restful.  I had lost most of the strength in my right arm, especially my wrist/hand.  I was having frequent headaches as well.  I couldn't play 'Superman' with my son.
   Since I started receiving adjustments, I have regained all the strength in my arms!  I now sleep easily, and it's restful again!  I have gotten more motion all around that I didn't know I'd lost.  The greatest part of all this is that I can now play 'Superman' with my son.  That is AMAZING!"   - Jesse W.

I "Didn't Have Issues"

"I hadn't really thought I was having issues.  I would sometimes get pain in my lower back and leg after standing for longer periods of time.  My wife began coming here, and I knew it had been awhile since I had been to a chiropractor.
   Now, I am not tired after leading worship all morning, and I have no leg or back pain after playing the piano and standing for long periods of time.  I have more energy to do things with the family.  I feel ready to take on more with my job without compromising my energy left for my family."   - Jay W.

Working Out Was Nearly Impossible

"I had intense shoulder pain for nearly 2 months before seeing Dr. Wubben.  It made working out nearly impossible.  I couldn't do any form of arm exercises without shooting pain.  I couldn't sleep on my right side, and sometimes even shampooing my hair was tough some mornings.
   Now my life is simpler.  I'm back in the weight room and at 100%."   - Travis P.
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